Hazards and Society Research

This image is flyer for this experience (Science and Society in Sicily) that will be held in summer 2024. The information found in this flyer is presented in the webpage for this experience.

About this research opportunity

Stage 1 of this experience will be launched in the Sicily Science and Society Study Abroad Program, where students will be taught the fundamentals of a) environmental & cultural resilience (ITA380); and b) physical processes controlling natural hazards such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamic, landslides, and forest fires (GLG340 or GLG110). In Sicily students will also be assigned program-long, open-ended research projects that ask them to address several aspects of hazard and risk forecasting. They will 1) map hazards footprints for a specific community; 2) assess human / economic impact of the assigned hazard; 3) analyze religious and cultural elements that make societies resilient to natural disasters; these concepts come from the newly developed discipline of environmental humanities, which attempts to explain humanity's role in natural disasters and the process of resilience and recovery.

Stage 2 - Individual open-ended projects will be continued and expanded during an online Fall 2024 Session A oCourse at the 498 level (small group research seminar).

This is a unique 9-credit opportunity that incorporates a study abroad opportunity and undergraduate research. For more information, please watch this recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcmI1M-hkjM


Any ASU Online student pursuing a degree offered by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can participate in the experience. The students must first participate in the Sicily study abroad program.

Prof. Chiara dal Martello and Prof. Amanda B Clarke
Course credit?
How to apply

Students should apply to the Study Abroad Program in Sicily for June 2024. Upon completing that program, they will continue the research experience via a Fall 2024 Session A oCourse, which will be a small group research seminar restricted to online students who have completed the Sicily in-person study abroad experience.

Contact information

Prof. Chiara dal Martello (chiara.dm@asu.edu) or Prof. Amanda Clarke (abclarke@asu.edu)

Additional program details

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