Evaluating a Multiple Document Comprehension Intervention

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About this research opportunity

Online students will have the opportunity to work on an IES-funded (R305A180144) project titled Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Cognitive Processes that Drive Multiple Document Comprehension. In this project, our overarching goal is to discover methods of intervention to help students improve multiple document comprehension--taking the assumption that no one intervention fits all.

In the Fall 2023 semester, we are implementing a technology-supported self-directed intervention in which high school students receive instruction in self-explanation or source evolution strategies to improve their MD comprehension. As part of this project, RAs will have opportunities to conduct secondary data analyses and support ongoing data collection from the ongoing MD study under the supervision of a postdoctoral researcher in the SoLET lab in Spring 2024. Throughout the spring semester, students will participate in a series of sequenced lessons to support them in developing the skills and knowledge to develop research questions that are relevant and grounded in theory, develop data analysis methods that include data cleaning and implementing analyses that are aligned to research questions, and writing and sharing their results, findings, and conclusions in a manner consistent with scientific standards.


No. We have an interdisciplinary team and any online student pursuing a degree offered within The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are encouraged to apply. The research project may interest students who are interested in research in psychological processes, experimental methods, educational psychology, computational linguistics, literacy development, and/or learning analytics. 

Prof. Danielle McNamara and Dr. Andrew Potter
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Interested students need to complete the following form:  https://forms.gle/F5cLeauohi6f79ov9

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Dr. Andrew Potter (ahpotter@asu.edu)

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