Social and Health Inequities Research Training Program (SHIRT)

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About this research opportunity

Dive into the complexities of cannabis use among Latino youth with the Social and Health Inequities Research Training (SHIRT) Program, housed in the School of Transborder Studies. The SHIRT program is a 15-week online initiative designed to provide a comprehensive research experience for ASU Online students. This program combines hands-on data collection and analysis with mentorship and community engagement, all within a flexible online format. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to a real-world research project, develop essential research skills, and engage in critical discussions on social and health inequities. The program also offers avenues for presenting findings at conferences and contributing to academic journals, fostering a supportive environment for academic and professional growth. If you’re interested in making a meaningful impact and enhancing your research capabilities, we invite you to consider the SHIRT Program.

At this time, this research experience at capacity. Thank you for your interest.


Have take courses on, or is interested in, the health of Latinos. A desire to learn research methods in the social and health sciences.

Dr. Gilberto Lopez
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How to apply

A statement letter answering any or all of the following questions:

1. Personal Motivation: Briefly describe your interest in exploring social and health inequities, focusing on cannabis use among Latino youth. What experiences have shaped your desire to participate in the SHIRT program?

2. Contribution and Impact: How do you anticipate the SHIRT program will enhance your personal and academic growth? Discuss how you plan to apply the skills and knowledge gained in your future endeavors.

3. Community and Collaboration: Reflect on any past team or community experiences. How have these prepared you for the collaborative nature of the SHIRT program, and what will you contribute to our community of scholars and advocates?

4. Future Goals: Outline your long-term goals in addressing social and health inequities. How does participating in the SHIRT program align with these aspirations?

Write and submit a 250 – 500 statement answering any or all of the following questions. Email it directly to Professor Lopez ( In the email subject line write “OURS Application”.

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Dr. Gilberto Lopez (

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15 Weeks
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