Experiment-centered research training for online students through behavioral and molecular analysis

honey bees in honeycombs

About this research opportunity

The ASU Online students in this experience will use web cameras to observe honeybee colonies and analyze important traits of self-organized and highly efficient societies.

This is an innovative research opportunity that include - 

1. Unique opportunity to expand research experiences to online students through authentic observations of honeybee colonies 2. Rigorous research curriculum with the analysis of important traits of self-organized and highly efficient societies 3. 24/7 access for students to complete observations at their own convenience.

This is a collaboration between the ASU Bee Facility near the ASU Polytechic campus, the research laboratories of Dr. Hong Lei, Dr. Cahit Ozturk and Dr. Susan Holechek, SOLUR (SOLS Undergrad Research) program and the SOLS Teaching Innovation Center (TIC)

THIS IS A HYBRID EXPERIENCE THAT INCLUDES AN IN-PERSON COMPONENT - March 13-17, 2023. Participating Online students can opt to receive course credit through the School of Life Sciences SOLUR Program.

The online research projects will require 3 hours per week for 15 weeks. The immersion in-person project will require 8 hrs per day for 5 days. The online students are allowed to choose either online research or immersion in-person research or both. Contact Dr. Lei with questions on these options.


Any ASU Online student pursuing a degree offered by the School of Life Sciences. 

Dr. Hong Lei, Dr. Cahit Ozturk, Dr. Susan Holechek, & David Roman
Course credit?
How to apply

Interested ASU Online students should send resume and personal statement to Dr. Hong Lei (hong.lei@asu.edu)

Contact information

Dr. Hong Lei (hong.lei@asu.edu)


Additional program details

Number of students being recruited
15 Weeks
Hours per week