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The Learning & Development Lab seeks to recruit undergraduate ASU Online students to engage in a 15-week research opportunity examining the mechanisms of word learning and bilingualism across development.

Working remotely, online students will commit 9 hours a week to attend weekly meetings to receive training and set task goals. Through the experience, online students will have the opportunity to 1) conduct and write a literature review in the domain of bilingual word learning, 2) design an experiment that addresses a gap in the literature, 3) conduct the experiment online (via Zoom) by testing adults recruited from the Intro to Psychology Subject pool, 4) statistically analyze the results from children and adults, and 5) write a research report on the study.

Online students will be guided by the Faculty member and two advanced undergraduate research assistants through all 5 phases of the research experience. More information about our lab and research can be found at https://www.learndevlab.org/

Online students may opt to receive course credits for participating in this group based research experience.


Students in the ASU Online degree programs offered by The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences who are interested in cognitive science, neuroscience, developmental psychology, and linguistics are invited to apply.

Dr. Viridiana Benitez
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Email Dr. Viridiana Benitez: viridiana.benitez@asu.edu

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