Arizona Youth Identity Project

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About this research opportunity

Using mixed qualitative methods in five communities, the Arizona Youth Identity Project examines how rapidly changing economic, demographic, and political dynamics shape young adults’ political identities and political participation. Employing survey, interview and photovoice methods, the project aims to understand how these social changes: (1) affect diverse young adult’s definition of who is American, (2) shape their sense of national identity and belonging, and (3) motivate them to engage civically and politically.

ASU Online social sciences students will receive hands-on experience in a mixed-methods study coordinated by four sociologists. Online students will be involved in collecting, coding and analyzing data collected through survey, interviews and/or photovoice. Interested students may remain engaged in the project and participate in the publication of findings.

Students may elect to receive credit for this experience if they wish.


Open to any ASU Online social science major who has completed at least one research methods course. Online students must be able to attend lab meetings and trainings and conduct interviews over Zoom during Arizona daytime hours.

Professors Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, Angela Gonzales, Emir Estrada, and Nathan D. Martin
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Please complete the Google form application to be considered for the research experience. Form link:

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15 Weeks
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