Research practicum in political science: Migration, economic globalization, or protest in authoritarian regimes

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About this research opportunity

I am soliciting applications for a student-driven research experience for online students in the School of Politics and Global Studies.

Students should indicate their interest in one (or more) of the following three themes: migration, economic globalization, or protest in autocracies; if they are interested in multiple themes, they should rank them in order of interest.

Students in each of these three groups will spend the first half of Spring C working collaboratively to create a research proposal; this will involve choosing a research question, conducting a literature review, and developing a plan for collecting relevant data. Then, in the second half of the semester, they will collect and analyze data to answer their research question. Some themes may have more than one collaborative group.

Students must participate for the entirety of Spring C and should expect to meet once a week via Zoom between the hours of 9am and 6pm, MST (note that this is 11am-8pm, EST). In addition, we will have some sessions dedicated to professionalization, with a particular focus on applying for law and graduate school in the social sciences.

Students will develop hands-on experience in political science research with close mentorship from Dr. Hanson, as well as honing their critical thinking and writing skills. Students may earn up to 3 credits for the research experience by registering for POS499/Independent Study. 


Requirements include:

- Major in political science, global studies, sociology, or a related field
- Strong writing and analytical skills
- Sophomore standing or above

Preference for those who have already completed a course in research or survey design, such as POS301/SGS305 (but not required).

Dr. Margaret Hanson
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