O-Care - Online Community Action Research Experience

O-Care - Online Community Action Research Experience

About this research opportunity

Community organizations play an important role in supporting children and families; however, they are often limited in the resources that they have to do so. This research experience is your chance to support a community organization and help make a difference for not only the organization, but for the people it serves! You will develop, practice, and use a variety of research skills to explore a problem or question the community organization has and work collaboratively towards generating ideas and better understanding the issue. A central goal of this partnership approach to research is to build mutually respectful and trusting relationships grounded in an equitable and empowering process emphasizing communication, information sharing, and joint decision making. You will receive training and mentoring throughout the process from instructors and graduate students.

This research course experience will be scheduled for fall session B.


ASU Online student enrolled in degree programs within The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

ASU Online students who have an interest in learning more about engaging with community organizations to solve real-world problems

Dr. Bethany Bustamante Van Vleet & Dr. Kari Visconti
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How to apply

Please complete the form at https://forms.gle/psfnvFWiRrMikW7z5

Contact information

Dr. Bethany Bustamante Van Vleet (sparkyfan@asu.edu) and Dr. Kari Visconti (kari.visconti@asu.edu)

Additional program details

Number of students being recruited
7.5 Weeks
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