HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry

HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry

About this research opportunity

This hybrid, course-based undergraduate research experience will engage up to 25 online history majors in a hands-on archival project rooted in the physical holdings of historical records in the Arizona Historical Society Archives in Tempe. This will be an optional, hybrid version of our existing history capstone seminar (HST 495: Methods of Historical Inquiry), which is the final course all graduating history majors complete. The organizing theme of this proposed 495 is the history of Arizona. Students who participate in this 495 will each select a particular research project on the history of Arizona with a specific focus on either the history of the territorial period or the Grand Canyon.

HST 495 is built around intensive research into primary and secondary sources, and the result of the course is the production of a substantial history research paper. This course will guide each student through the basic steps in the historical research process, but instead of using digitized primary sources, the students in the OURs-supported course will investigate the unique physical collections of primary sources at the AZ Historical Society archives.

After the in-person experience, the course will then be completed asynchronously in Canvas during the remainder of the Fall 2023 A session.  For a look at the Fall 2022 version of this course and a sense of  the student experience, please see this ASU News article: https://news.asu.edu/20221004-history-happening-today.

This is a dynamic dated experience that will require the online students to attend activities on-campus (8/14-8/18) BEFORE fall session A start. Please check with instructors for more information.


ASU Online student enrolled in degree programs within The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Prerequisite(s): History or History of Science, Ideas and Innovation or Jewish Studies or Secondary Education (History) major; ENG 102, 105, or 108 with C or better; min 55 hrs; Credit for only HST 300 or HST 495 or JST 490

Dr. Peter Van Cleave
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Students who meet the prerequisites should email Dr. Peter Van Cleave for approval to enroll in the course

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Dr. Peter Van Cleave (pvanclea@asu.edu)

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