Introduction to Data for Urban Planners and Geographers

Introduction to Data for Urban Planners and Geographers | Application to Pedestrian Safety Research

About this research opportunity

Introduction to Data for Urban Planners and Geographers is designed to be a gateway to research for students in our online undergraduate degree programs, aimed at students in their sophomore or junior-equivalent years of undergraduate study. The course will equip students with a solid understanding of the world of data and providing them an initial hands-on experience creating and manipulating data that contributes to a real research project. The goal is to train online undergraduate students to be prepared to do research projects – both in other existing courses and as undergraduate research assistants to faculty.

The featured research project will be the relationship between land use and pedestrian safety in cities. The basic research questions include: Which land uses are most correlated with pedestrian crashes? How well do local land uses predict pedestrian crash frequencies? Do these relationships depend on the geographic scale of analysis? Are these relationships similar across different U.S. cities? If not, what explains the differences?

Students will be required to attend weekly check-in meetings via Zoom with the instructor and other students in the class. This research course experience is scheduled for spring session B.


ASU Online student enrolled in degree programs within The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

The ideal online student for this experience is someone in the 2nd or 3rd year of their undergraduate studies who is interested in learning more about research in the social sciences and gaining some relevant hands-on data skills. The project and skills will be especially applicable to majors in urban planning and geography, but could be of interest to students in other majors as well. There are no prerequisites except a willingness to work hard and learn!

Dr. Deborah Salon
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Interested students should send an email to Prof. Deborah Salon (the instructor) at The email should include a brief self-introduction and explain why the student is interested in taking the course. Dr. Salon will follow up by meeting via Zoom with selected students before accepting them as members of the research experience course.

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Dr. Deborah Salon at

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