Exploration in Humane Technology and Ethical Innovation in AI

Exploration in Humane Technology and Ethical Innovation

About this research opportunity

In this experience, students will engage with Dr. Elizabeth Langland and Dr. Gaymon Bennett as they develop a course on responsible A.I. The Lincoln Center has received a Google sponsored grant to work on this issue.

Please use this link here on the NRC website to see the announcement of the Responsible AI program and ASU’s selection to participate.

Specific research questions our group will address:

  1. What constitutes the responsible development and use of A.I.?
  2. What does the future of work look like? Exploring location, gender, equality, and work requirements

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics is putting together a small cohort of online students to address research questions developed collaboratively by the center and the student cohort to address Human(e) Technology and Ethical Innovation. Students who participate in this program will gain a personal connection with peers and ASU faculty. Students will be introduced to a variety of qualitative research methods in History, Anthropology, and Digital Humanities by experts in these disciplines. Participants will learn how to formulate research questions, identify and prioritize research sources, put together annotated bibliographies, improve presentation skills, and develop skills for working in hybrid environments with teams, which will prepare students for an ever changing work environment. Students will be asked to attend weekly 1-hour research meetings with their peers and Lincoln Center Research Team. Students will work individually and collectively focused on an initial research question, developed by the students.

Interested students could receive course credit: LIA 494 course for supervised research (not required).  The number of credits must match the number of hours allocated to research.


ASU Online students enrolled in a degree program offered through The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Dr. Elizabeth Langland & Dr. Gaymon Bennett
Course credit?
How to apply

Google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LfTvDkeQIz3iPDBoLDYTN5KW7p402pMUXH3D7vdTFc0/edit

Depending on the number of applicants, we will select the top candidates to complete a short interview.

Contact information

Sean Kenney at spkenney@asu.edu

Additional program details

Number of students being recruited
15 Weeks
Hours per week